Pre-Export Preparation:

  • All species welcome
  • Pet international and national export assistance
  • Veterinary pre-export preparation (including countries such as Australia and New Zealand)
  • Veterinary export permits (if needed)
  • State vet verification and endorsement
  • Pet passports
  • Well trained animal handlers.

Flight Bookings:

  • Destinations around the world
  • Reliable airport handlers and caretakers
  • Comfortable traveling crates (IATA approved)
  • Reputable flight transfer pet care
  • Competitive flight rates

Transport and boarding facilities:

  • Pet boarding facilities around the world and South Africa
  • Pre-flight collection
  • Pre-flight kennelling
  • Post-flight collection at airport
  • Post-flight transport to new home
  • Post-flight quarantine station (only required for certain countries)